What is a pop-up shop (2022)?

Have you ever heard someone mention the term "pop-up shop" and wonder what a pop-up shop is? Well don't feel bad, we're here to help you gain a better understanding of a pop-up shop. During this article you’ll see us switch between pop-up and pop-up shop but it’s all the same.

"Here today, gone tomorrow" is the best way to describe a pop-up shop. You can pretty much think of a pop-up shop as an ephemeral store. Typically you will find an individual or business that has reserved a location for a short period of time, as their store front. To be honest, there is no limitation on pop-up shops. Shoot a lemonade stand is pretty much a pop-up!

When it comes to pop-up shops we have seen many different forms of it. From food trucks, yep that’s correct food trucks, to coffee shops hosting pop-ups. For example, a food truck is not committed to a specific location and can move freely as they please. One day, they may be posted up on 12th Avenue in New York, then the next day appear on 37th Avenue in New York.

In our current climate we have seen many businesses turn to pop-up shops as a solution to their business. Recently in Downtown Knoxville, the founders of Pedal Java created a pop-up to sell their delicious coffee. Pop-ups have enabled businesses to keep their doors open.

There are many benefits that comes with opening a pop-up shop. Maybe you’re a sneaker store based on the east coast and been thinking about opening a store in Los Angeles but hesitant on whether it will work or not. Well a pop-up shop is a good option to test your theory.

Remember a pop-up shop does not require a long term commitment so you can open a pop-up in Los Angeles for roughly two weeks and see what type of traction you can gain. If all goes well, then cool, you can move forward with opening a store on the west coast. If not, that’s cool too, you just saved yourself from committing to a long lease and hurting your business.

Still considering opening a pop-up shop? Good, go for it! We’re here to help you. Looking for a pop-up shop? Cool, we got you covered as well. Download our app today and start discovering pop-up shops near you.